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Living amongst the wild animals of South Africa has given Kigiso a unique perspective on the value of good teeth! Kigiso uses her tooth magic to make bright blue skys. This way, the growing number of solar thermal water heaters, used by humans, can work more effectively, thus reducing the need for polluting power plants.

Amarina devotes her time between watching humans at the beach and protecting her coral reef habitat. She uses the teeth she collects, to make magic which cleans up coastal waters and encourages new coral to grow.

If it moves, Nute will surf it. You may have seen him surfing clouds and not even known it. Nute uses his tooth magic to guessed it, BIG WAVES! Along with surfing them, Hawaii's humans are now using the waves as a source of clean power!

Rumored to be the daughter of Finnbheara, Faerie king of Galway in Ireland. Erin uses her tooth magic to conjure up the wind and rain needed to keep Ireland green. The strong westerly winds also help humans make green energy, from large wind-farms, which saves the environment along with the fairy kingdom!

Ru's as high tech a fairy as you can get! He's using his tooth magic, in China, to make cool human gadgets use less power... He hopes with your teeth he can make a difference and help China remain a beautiful country.

Living in a hot country, Anjali loves being around water and all the birds that come for a drink. She uses her tooth magic to encourage humans to build micro-utilities in villages, using wind and solar power. She has a special spell for coal, which makes it burn clean, which her human and feathered friends love.

Ultimate Tooth Fairy was founded in 2005, after a long and painful web search for a cute, magical and high quality tooth fairy gift for our daughter. Over the years we have offered a number of high quality, handmade in the USA and UK products.

However, we are now focused on delivering instant magic in the form of Free Tooth Fairy Letters and Certificates. These are now available to download for Free. We give you, our customers, but more importantly fellow parents, the option of paying or not. This choice is made after you have received the Customised Tooth Fairy Letter or Certificate for your little one and is purely a decision made by you, no pressure, no guilt, no hard sell. Like I said, it's free if you want it to be.

We would, however, ask you Tweet or share us on Facebook, so that others can use our Free Tooth Fairy service and that on occasions you spare the time to make a payment, so that we can keep this service running.

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